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"Concrete Countertops DIY" Instructional Video, DVD format
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screen shot of the forming section from the Concrete Countertop DIY dvd

screen shot of the decorative inlays section from Concrete Countertop DIY dvd

screen shot of the reinforcement section from Concrete Countertop DIY dvd

screen shot of the casting section from Concrete Countertop DIY dvd

screen shot of the demolding section from Concrete Countertop DIY dvd

Concrete Countertops DIY Instructional DVD Video
featuring Fu-Tung Cheng

110 minutes (NTSC format)

Join Fu-Tung Cheng in this best-selling instructional how-to video for making beautiful and functional concrete countertops. Fu-Tung's approachable style combined with his 25-plus years as master designer and craftsman offer easy-to-follow, proven methods for bringing your own concrete countertops to life.

The detailed process—designed and tested by Fu-Tung Cheng—takes the guesswork out of making concrete countertops.

The result? Concrete countertops with a minimum of time and energy—plus valuable skills that will allow you to express yourself with this remarkable and versatile material.

What You'll Need:
User Reviews:

"I was very impressed with the information—the project was very easy and the results are better than I'd hoped."

- Mark Johansen, Managing Editor, HANDY Magazine

"I received my DVD and want you to know that it has exceeded my expectations. The information is top rate as well as the production value of the DVD. I already have both books and will be spending considerable time planning my projects."

- K. Williams

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