Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula Mix
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Pro-Formula Concrete Countertop Mix is available in 18 conveniently pre-blended colors and color-free Base.

Thoroughly blend every Pro-Formula packet with 120 lbs of concrete mix before adding water.

Mix 1 gallon of water with each 120 lbs of concrete. After 5 minutes of blending slowly add additional water until a pourable consistency is achieved.

Table vibrators aid in consolidating the concrete and forcing air bubbles out of the mix.

After four days in the mold your project will be ready to begin finishing.

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CHENG Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula transforms your locally-bagged concrete into a highly durable, color-rich blend, making it ideal for pre-casting concrete countertops that are beautiful and truly personalized.

  • Convenient Each pre-measured bag yields 1 cubic foot of mix when combined with 120 pounds of concrete
  • Affordable — Countertops as low as $2.88/ s.f. at 1-1/2" thick 
  • Fast — Only four days between casting and demolding
  • Colorful — Available in 18 pre-blended colors
  • Creative — Base Pro-Formula + your color blend  = Unlimited color possibilities 
  • Durable — Expertly-formulated strengthening agents dramatically improve crack-resistance, make castings harder and more abrasion-resistant

Professional-Grade Performance at an Affordable Price

  • Built upon a legacy of design and expertise — Your final projects will have the durability and unmatched surface finish quality developed by Fu-Tung Cheng’s 35+ years working with concrete — from countertops to concrete houses.
  • Complete System of Products — including CHENG Acrylic Slurry, Sealer, and Wax — work together to produce the most durable and most ideal concrete surface finish.
  • Starting at $2.88/ s.f. for a 1-1/2” thick countertop (including local bagged concrete) Countertop Pro-Formula is an affordable, customizable solution compared to other surface materials like granite, marble and machined composites.

Simple Mix Process and Fast Project Turnaround

  • Pre-blended formula that makes a pourable, workable mix ideal for pre-cast projects: Simply add water and 5000-psi concrete to Pro-Formula for a no-fuss recipe.
  • De-mold your project and immediately start surface-finishing after only 4 days in the form. 
  • Depending on your desired finish and project size, it's possible to complete and install within a week!

Total Creative Control for Custom Results

  • Select from 18 rich, natural Color Blends designed by Fu-Tung Cheng — pre-blended colors are saturated with the highest quality, most durable pigments
  • Base Pro-Formula — offers a natural concrete color or can be custom-colored as desired
  • Absolute finest concrete finish possible — a smooth, dense surface without "holes"
  • Choose a Visual Texture — from finely polished to deeply ground terrazzo finish or create detailed impressions of patterns or objects
  • Achieve Various Sheens — Matte, Satin, Gloss are all possible
  • Build in Design Details — embedded cutting boards, trivets, fossils, coins, bowls
  • Create Beyond Countertops — make fireplace surrounds, furniture, tabletops, water features and sculpture; Pro-Formula is limited only by imagination!

CHENG Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula Note:

CHENG Concrete recommends and strongly endorses the use of Sakrete's 5000 Plus High Strength Concrete Mix

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