Alpha 5" Variable Speed Concrete Wet Polisher, VSP-120
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Alpha VSP-120 during Essentials Countertop Training

Training Workhorse: VSP-120

Alpha® 5" Variable Speed Concrete Wet Polisher, VSP-120

Alpha® has improved the popular VSP series wet polisher with new features to perform above and beyond your expectations! The new VSP-120 comes with variable speed control switch with an automatic speed feed-back system to maintain consistent RPMs with or without a load. This switch has also expanded the usable RPM range from 500 RPM to 2,800 RPM. The new RPM range reduces heat build-up when polishing Engineered Stone, which eliminates burning or scorching the work piece. Alpha® has also added a Splash Guard that can be trimmed to adjust the height for the best comfort and protection. Every stone fabricator should try the new VSP-120 variable speed wet polisher to achieve the best performance and high quality results.


  • Lightweight (5.3 lb) and compact for easy operation
  • In-line ground fault circuit interruptor
  • Variable speed (500-2800 rpm)
  • Built-in water feeder
  • C-handle and side handle
  • Carrying case

Polishing Pad Holder and Polishing Pads sold separately.

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