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Water Based
Sealer and Stain

Surecrete Ecostain and Sealer

About Surecrete Ecostain and Sealer

EcoStain concrete stain by Surecrete is a liquid semi-transparent water-based concrete stain used for staining concrete floors, walls, overlays and cast concrete products. Eco-stain is environmentally friendly, non-caustic, plant-safe and pet-safe and can be applied by sprayer, brush, roller, or even a sponge.

Surecrete’s HS 200LV is a premium, high performance sealer designedfor concrete or any cement-based product that deeply penetrates and reactsinternally with cement, slowing moisture migration and efflorescence, and intensifyingbond energy.

Ideal For:

  • Concrete Floors and Walls
  • Overlays
  • Concrete Cast Products
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • High Traffic Walkways


Thorough Surface Prep

Pressure wash and chemical etch surface with Super Concrete Renovator.


Eco-Stain Sealer

Select Eco-Stain color and apply to prepped surface.


HS 200LV

Apply HS 200 LV with a roller. Add SureGrip Non-Slip Additives to top coat for an anti-slip finish.

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How to apply SureCrete's Ecostain and Sealer

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Deep Clean and Prep

Preparing the surface before staining and sealing is the most important part of the project to ensure the stain and sealer will properly bond.  Surecrete’s Super Concrete Renovator (SCR) will ensure concrete stain colors and sealer evenly penetrate to bond with the concrete.

You'll learn

  • Proper mixing and application of SCR

Training Video

Apply Stain

Once cleaned, allow 2-3 hours for the concrete to dry before applying the stain. Eco-Stain can be applied with a pump-up sprayer, brush, roller or sponge and allows you to obtain the same look as an acid stain with no neutralizing required.

You'll learn

  • Traditional stain application with a pump-up sprayer
  • Alternative application methods

Apply Sealer

Apply first coat of Surecrete’s HS 200LV Sealer and allow several hours to dry. Apply second coat of sealer, and if application is in a high-traffi area consider adding SureGrip Non-Slip Additive to the finish coat to provide as much traction as possible.

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System Products

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SureCrete Eco-Stain - 32 oz (Quart)
Surecrete HS 200LV Gloss Concrete Sealer - 5 Gallon
Surecrete SureGrip Non-Slip Sealer Additive